Eagles' National Area Your Attitude determines your Altitude in Life!
Polska Welcome!

It is not important what you do not have,
it is important what You Want!

 Halina Rygiel          

Senior National Sales Director   



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I am so happy and excited that you have decided to join us. Our national area is very unique.  It spans five countries USA, Poland, Canada, Philippines and England. Our Eagles are Embracing The World! It is a community unlike any other where women inspire women all over the globe!  It's an environment where we live by Mary Kay's core values and put God first, Family second and Career third.  We live by the Golden Rule and embrace the Go-Give spirit. It's quite different from the corporate world.  Freedom to follow and attain your dreams is no longer a myth. Now that you can set your own schedule and set your own goals the sky is the limit!

Get ready for amazing things!!  You will grow your business and your business will grow with You! You will benefit from mutual support, unlimited access to help, training and business tips.  You will build lasting relationships and forge life-long friendships, all while having FUN!  

Dare to Soar with the Eagles and Never Stop Dreaming!!!


Halina Rygiel



Senior National Sales Director



 Words of Wisdom

"There are two types of thinking, positive and negative.  The positive thinker is an optimistic, faith motivated person who habitually projects positive pictures and attitudes every single day, sending positive, creative thoughts into your world.  These strong thought vibrations condition the surrounding world positively and as a result a flow of positive outcomes is activated and positive achievements are manifested."

~Mary Kay Ash~

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