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 Halina Rygiel          

Senior National Sales Director   



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Many women who strive to be good wives, mothers, and workers forget - or don't have time - to take proper care of themselves. The stress women experience fulfilling these roles may not only take the joy out of their lives, it could also prove harmful to their health. When your husband and children are sick, you are the one who takes care of them. But what will happen if you become ill? Who will take care of you? ~ Mary Kay ~

Top Reasons to Start —
Your Consultant Career Now!

You're the boss! You are an independent businesswoman~ No territories, no quotas, no glass ceiling. You set your own pace and build your business and lasting friendships. Freedom to determine what is important in your life so you can keep your priorities in order ~ Faith first, Family second, and Career third. Our company is built on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

Earnings: Half, 50% commission on everything you sell (through skin care classes and facials, over the phone, online with your personal website, on the go) plus 4%, 9%, or 13% commission based on team members’ wholesale production. As a Sales Director, your commission doubles, you receive additional bonuses, are eligible for life insurance, trips around the world and a family security plan.

Cars and Charitable Foundation  Think of it as a trophy on wheels. You can earn the use of a Chevy Malibu, Chevy Equinox or the Pink Cadillac. Mary Kay pays up to 85% of the insurance. The Charitable Foundations are important to our sales force as we enrich the lives of women by funding research for cancers that affect women and working to end domestic violence.

Tax Advantages  Home based businesses include tax advantages for all business related expenses including costs such as rental payments, mileage, business travel, lodging, supplies and more!

Education and support  You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Mary Kay offers training weekly, quarterly, and yearly ~ Plus online resources link you to the latest learning and earning information and business tools.

Rewards and Recognition  Wouldn’t you agree that recognition and appreciation for a job well-done can increase your professional satisfaction? The Mary Kay philosophy is one of praising, mentoring and recognizing achievement.

Additional Facts:

       Mary Kay is #1 in skin care.

       Global leader with over 1.5 million consultants in over 37 markets.

       The company’s global wholesale sales are nearly 3 billion annually.

       Your starter kit, includes training materials, skin care class supplies and enough retail products to sample on 30 women, is valued at over $400.00 but you can have it today for $100 plus shipping and tax.

There’s never been A Better Time to Become
A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!

Power of A Dream!
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