This is going to help you as far as how to construct a positive affirmation.


How to choose what kind of things makes a positive affirmation

When I came into Mary Kay Cosmetic10 years ago, I had a very cynical, skeptical, and negative aspect of my personality. One of the things I worked very hard on for 10 years was learning how to change that. Iíve been able to watch the transformation in my own life, going from someone who was very cynical and sarcastic, to someone whoís first thought is positive, encouraging and expecting. How did that transformation happen? It happened with a lot of prayers. It happened with a lot of considerable efforts. It happened by practicing what you say on a daily basis.

Let me give you some examples of different ways that you would look at a affirmation. Your life and the areas that bother you the most. The part of yourself that you want to change the most. That you know is going to make the difference in being able to affect not just your business but your life.

Thatís where you start with making a positive affirmation

If you tend to be a negative, cynical, critical person your positive affirmation might be something like this:

ďI have a positive out look on life. I canít wait to get up each day and look at the wonders that God has prepared and in store for me today. I am cheerful, happy and a positive person. I see the best in every person I come in contact with.Ē

Letís say your biggest challenge is maybe over eating, and you feel you need to lose weight.

After I had my second child I had a dress I really wanted to wear on stage (which will be my first unit club) and I really had this beautiful dress I wanted to wear.

What to say when you talk to yourself. I said things to myself like

ďI stop eating when Iím full. I only eat when Iím hungry. I love to snack on fresh fruit and vegetable. I drink 8 glasses of water a day. I choose to put only good things in to my body. My body is a temple of the Lord. I choose healthy and nourishing foods on a daily basisĒ. I lost the weight in a matter of weeks. By changing what I said to myself.

Letís say you have a real issue with being on the phone and you have a lot of fear being on the phone. Then your positive affirmation might sound something like this:

ďI love to get on the phone, the phone is my friend, everybody I talk to says yes, I cherish my phone time and I hurry through my day to be able to sit down and do my favorite activity scheduling appointments each and everydayĒ.

I believe that we need to tell ourselves positive messages, because the more you tell yourself your body does not know the difference between fact and fiction. Itís going to follow through with what you tell it.

Maybe youíre a shy person and youíre working very hard to come out of your comfort zone. Then your positive affirmation might sound something like this:

ďIím a confident person I give eye contact to each person I greet offering a warm firm hand shake. I love making people focus on helping other people feel great about themselvesĒ. 

You know we all heard that if you what to become better at booking on the phone you tell yourself:

ďIím a master booker, everybody that I call says yes, I have so many appointments in my date-book. I canít wait to get on the phone. I love the phone, the phone is my friend. Iím a master at scheduling appointments. Everywhere I go people want to talk to me. I look the part. I act the part. I sound the part. I am a master at scheduling appointmentsĒ.

If you said something like that to yourself out loud everyday several times a day, what a difference thatís going to be. As Sue Kilpatrick would say it would change the tape, the mental tape youíve been playing.

Maybe your issue is self-confidence maybe you have battled worrying about what other people think.

How about saying something like this to yourself:

ďIím a confident, strong and capable woman. I make decision easily and Iím pleased with the decisions I make. I choose life, I make choices based upon whatís best for me and not whatís best for the people around me. I love my life. Iím happy with my life. I am confident with who I am. I know Iím a child of GodĒ.

If you said those kinds of things to yourself everyday wow, what a difference it would make over time.

Positive affirmation donít change your life today, they donít change you life tomorrow. Itís a process of learning wonderful habits that are going to change the way you think and feel for the rest of your life.

Maybe youíre selling and you really need to work on building your team. Then your positive affirmation might sound something like this:

ďIím a master recruiter. Iím a professional recruiter with Mary Kay Cosmetic. I canít wait to share this career opportunity everyday. I know how much it has changed my life. I never want to be selfish and not offer this career to anybody else. I exude professional Mary Kay image. I look the part, act the part and sound the part everyday. I attract in to me and to this wonderful way of life. I love to recruit. I love to share this opportunity. Iím a master at listening to peoples concerns and relating them back to the Mary Kay experience. Iím a Mary Kay Sales Director by January 1st, 2003Ē.

Those kinds of messages make a difference.

What area of your business do you need to grow in? What area in your life do you want to work on? Thatís the place that you start on a positive affirmation. Why not start today? Sit down and write a couple of positive statements that make you feel good about yourself. Make them personal and powerful for you. Make copies put it by telephone, on the refrigerator, in your bathroom, in your bedroom, in your car, everywhere that your subconscious mind will pick up the message.

What positive messages are you going to tell yourself today and everyday?

Mental Bath Prescription: above

- read affirmation (enclosed) every morning and evening.

- listen to positive tape while driving to work or shopping etc.

- read 2-5 pages of inspiring book everyday.

Please do it everyday!!!

If you donít forget to take impurities from your body daily, do it to your mind. If you donít forget to feed your stomach for nourishment everyday, do it to your mind Ė feed your mind daily




Lisa Ann Harmon 



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