Fly with the Eagles...


Every eagle learns greatness one step at a time, just as every great symphony is composed one note at a time and every great book takes shape on paper one word at a time.

Greatness comes slowly, with patience, guided by vision, shaped by ability, polished by practice.


Day-by-day the eagle learns to reach for the sun. Even when the weather turns bad, the eagle learns. In the storm is the challenge, a test of skills, and opportunity to grow, develop and strengthen those skills. Storms bring out the eagles! The eagle calls to each of us..."

Come ride the high places!" Look up, climb to the top of the mountain. Look beyond the horizons. Your wings are knowledge, foresight and understanding.


Expand your vision each day. Seek your own greatness one day at a time. Observe from the high ground. Set your goals high. Focus your efforts on them.


Stand above the crowd. Choose your values carefully. Values are warm rising currents of air.

High values carry you upward. Soar with them, and you soar effortlessly. Steer clear of the down drafts. They pull you down.   

And when trouble comes, as it surely will, let every storm bring out the eagle in you.

The eagle calls again..."Come ride the high places!"