The Power of a Dream
You must have a dream, before a dream
can come true.

What is yours?

20 Reasons to Set a Goal!
Goal setting is the key to become a success. At no time is that more true than when growing your Mary Kay career. Here are 20 reasons to set a goal from the highly respected Dr. Robert Schuller.

  • A decision is made, plugging the leak of indecision.
  • Enthusiasm is released.
  • A challenge is accepted, and you are released from apathy.
  • Excellence is claimed, and mediocrity is rejected.
  • Leadership is asserted. You are in control of your future.
  • Faith is put into control of your future. Spiritual power is released.
  • You are free to become more than what you have done.
  • Hope is renewed.
  • You need God to help you succeed. Rely on Him and become God-controlled.
  • Personhood is affirmed. You are someone.
    • Success is honored and assured. You have taken control of your destiny
    • Direction is established.
    • Fears are overpowered: "I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than attempt nothing and succeed."
    • Focus is fixed.
    • Opportunities are given a chance to become achievements.
    • Youth is renewed; excitement is renewed. If you have a goal, you are alive and growing. Without a goal, you become stale and stagnant.
    • Your relationships are empowered. Goals attract people to you.
    • Positive thoughts create positive changes.
    • Your priorities are set in concrete.
    • Your vision is crystallized. It is no longer a fantasy but a reality.